14 New Year’s Resolutions As Illustrated By Cats


Your surfer guide to success in the new year, as illustrated by cats. Photos submitted by wonderful participants in our photo contest!

1) Give others your full attention. You will be loved for it.

2) Don’t be afraid to be the boss b*tch you are.

3) Express your true feelings.

4) Keep your body limber.

5) Get some fresh air every day.

6) Read more!

7) Stand up and be counted. 

8) Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

9) Never apologize for being the best dressed person in the room. 

10) Share (even when you don’t feel like it.) 

11) Catch up on your sleep. Cat naps are super important.

12) No cheating!

13) Greet each day with a face like this:

14) And whatever 2019 throws at you, climb as high as you can and hang in there!

Want to see more hilarious cats? Check out the Modern Cat Photo Contest!

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