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Uhtred & Thyra (now called Skander & Freya) have been snuggling with their new parents AND have a new big brother cat named Siegfried who needed a new home as his owners have had to go into a care home: “Yesterday Freya fell asleep cheek-to-cheek with Paul after a little
TV. Better than I hoped for just a few days after being introduced for the
first time. Skander is star-struck; he really wants to be big Siegfried’s
friend. There has been nose-sniffing, with the little tail in the air.
Siegfried has occasionally warned them to be respectful with a Siamese yowl,
but delivered with ears and whiskers forward. Freya is a little more
cautious but is curious too. The kittens still go back to their quarters at
night and when we are not around, but today everyone was milling around the
house together for most of the day.”

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