Grandpa Mason stockpiling kittens in his yurt –

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In October of 2016, we trapped a dying feral cat named Mason so we could give him the comfort and dignity every living creature deserves after a life well-lived.

What happened next BLEW. US. AWAY.

A few months after his rescue, Mason found a new purpose in life: being a grandpa to rescue kittens. Since then, he has shaped dozens of young minds, passed down important grandpa secrets, demonstrated tremendous hunting prowess, taught manners, quashed impudence and created a multitude of fashion-forward kitten hairstyles.

As of today, Grandpa Mason has outlived his initial prognosis by an incredible 963 days. Each one of those days has been filled with joy, comfort and love… on his terms.

What Mason has taught us in the last two years has been shocking and remarkable. This “lost cause” “worthless” old feral cat has enriched our lives in ways we could never have imagined.

We work hard every day to keep him feeling good, but we can’t know how many days, months or years he has left. We do know he is living his best possible life, the life he always deserved. If you’d like to help cats like Grandpa Mason, please support Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts in your community.

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